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Hillteks, which was born as a result of years of experience in every stage of the textile industry, is a modern company with its strong designs that keep the pulse of fashion, production capacity and innovation. is the company. Hillteks, which keeps up with the continuous development and change of shape of textile, It exhibits an environmentalist stance with its production that appeals to the sense of fashion.

Hillteks collections stand out with an innovative fashion approach every season, but they are timeless. It also adapts directly to the fashion trend. A renewable, recyclable Adopting an understanding, the company focuses on sustainability in the design and production stages.

Hilteks Tekstil opens its doors to innovation in every fashion season with its trendy, high quality, durable and stylish collections and manages to get full marks from the target audience of the sector.

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Environmentally friendly production approach

What is Sustainable Textile? Why is it Important?

Sustainable textile is an innovative concept that tries to use resources, to build a future-oriented fashion world and to make the dream of a livable environment a reality in the modern age where the consumption frenzy continues in every field and resources are used unlimitedly and energy consumption increases. Sustainable production is not just a remarkable innovation in the textile industry. Environmental and social pollution caused by industrial production draws attention in every field, and a transition is made to sustainable production in order to find solutions and take precautions. As a sector that ranks second in environmental pollution, textile has a great ground for sustainability. Turkey, which has an important position in the world textile market, prefers modern methods in sustainable textiles.

Sustainable production is handled in three main points in ecological, economic and sociological terms.

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Hillteks Textile provides a versatile textile service by focusing on cultural textures, fashion sense in society, national and international fashion codes, modern age and nature. Thanks to the R&D department of Hillteks and the investments made in this department, important steps are taken in subjects such as sustainable fashion and organic production. R&D studies are supported by technological infrastructure, and timeless, nature-friendly, quality collections are prepared in accordance with the modern age. Hillteks management, which cares about the ecological balance, makes new generation productions by paying attention to every detail.


The textile industry is a very fast, high-energy field of activity that is constantly renewed. Hillteks, this energy It takes the power of being able to keep up with P&D studies. P&D, new product development area Hillteks, which is a few steps ahead of the sector thanks to its raising. Hillteks advances in a successful line in product and production development studies, meets the expectations of the industry, appeals to a world-class fashion sense

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